Steel Cutting Saw Blades

Tools Today offers several carbide tipped steel saw blades for cutting steel studs, rebar, sheets, rods, pipes and channels.

The A.G.E. Line of carbide tipped steel saw blades are specifically designed to easily cut through a wide variety of ferrous metals. The special grade of carbide used in the A.G.E. steel saw blades outlasts ordinary carbide and abrasive discs. The unique tooth design allows these blades to excel at cutting through many types of ferrous metals.

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saw blade guidelines for safetyFor use with Low RPM chop saws only. Mild steel cutting blades can only be used on dry-cutting chop saws like Jepson™, so long as the recommended RPM is not surpassed. Please refer to your machine owners manual.

Designed specifically for contractors, the Timberline Ti-Cut steel saw blades feature specially designed carbide and tooth geometry for cutting steel studs and sheets. The thin-kerf of these blades reduces waste and hp requirements.

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades. Please choose your saw blade carefully.