Amana Tool Miter Saw Blades

Regardless of whether you’re mitering with a table saw, compound miter saw, sliding miter saw or a radial arm saw, Amana Tool® has a specific miter saw blade to suit your needs and your budget. Amana manufactures several complete lines of saw blades including the A.G.E. and the Mamba series miter saw blades.

Amana Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blades

The Amana Thin Kerf Miter saw blade is ideal for use on miter saws (chop saws) and table saws under 3 HP. The thin kerf (.90) uses requires less power and reduces the stress on the motor and bearings. The alternate top bevel (ATB) grind and 10 degree hook angle provide clean, splinter-free cuts on natural wood as well as veneered plywood. For cutting Plexiglas® and Masonite the triple chip grind (TCG) miter saw blade is the best choice.

Amana Double Miter Saw Blades

For extremely smooth miters on hardwood and softwood, the Amana Miter/Double Miter is a great choice. The thick plate, high tooth count and ATB grind combine for incredibly smooth cuts. And the 2 degree negative tooth angle makes this saw blade an ideal choice for radial arm saws and sliding miter saws, too. This blade is also available in a California Triple Chip (C-TC) grind for cutting aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

A.G.E.™ Armormax Coated Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blades

The A.G.E. miter blades are available in configurations comparable to Amana, yet at a lower, more affordable price. The A.G.E. Thin Kerf Miter blades are a perfect choice for miter saws with a low powered universal motor. The ATB grind provides clean crisp miters in a variety of natural wood and veneered plywood.

A.G.E.™ Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blades

The 5 degree negative hook angle of the A.G.E. Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter saw blade helps prevent self-feeding when using sliding saws and radial-arm saws. And the thin kerf reduces horsepower requirements.

A.G.E.™ Extra-Fine Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter Saw Blades

The A.G.E. Extra Fine Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Miter blade is the definitive choice for incredibly smooth cuts and tight miters. The special tooth geometry, 2 ATB and 1 FTG work to prevent tear-out while the negative 5 degree hook angle helps to prevent self-feeding when the saw blade is used on sliding compound miter saws and radial-arm saws.

A.G.E.™ AGE Heavy Duty Miter/Double Miter Saw Blades

With its high tooth count and unique grind, the A.G.E. Heavy-Duty Miter/Double Miter is specifically designed for glass-smooth cuts on moldings and picture frame stock. This blade is also suited for aluminum picture frame stock.


Mamba™ Thin Kerf Compound Miter Saw Blades

The Mamba Thin Kerf Compound Miter saw blade is the perfect choice for contractors wanting a quality jobsite blade at the best price. The thin kerf (.98) is ideal for lightweight job-site miter saws.

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