Freud® Comparable Saw Blades

When you’re shopping for Freud saw blades you may find there are comparable blades on the market that offer competitive pricing in addition to superior cutting quality. Amana Tool® saw blades are carefully manufactured to ensure smooth, vibration free cuts with minimal feed resistance. They use large European micro-grain carbide tips (precisely ground for optimum geometry and tool performance) for repeated sharpening and extra-long tool life.

While it is true Freud has earned a reputation for quality saw blades, Amana is quickly challenging Freud as leaders in the saw blade industry. For instance, Freud’s Combination Ripping & Crosscut Saw Blades offer industrial quality steel plates, large gullets and laser-cut anti-vibration slots and while the comparable Amana blade offers the same qualities, they are also known for maintaining beautiful, clean cuts time after time. Make the Amana choice.