Shaper Cutters - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some tips for beginners and frequently asked questions about carbide tipped Shaper Cutters. If you have a question that isn’t answered in this FAQ please contact us

I have purchased Amana Tool crown molding shaper cutter no.SC660. Can you tell me the safest method for feeding the stock past this large tool?

Answer: Crown molding stock is wide and somewhat thin and your best option is to use a power feeder. If you don’t have a power feeder then featherboards will work. Position two featherboards on the table and clamp them in place. The first should be on the infeed side and the second on the outfeed side. Position the featherboards so that they provide pressure to keep the stock firmly against the fence throughout the cut. Finally, remember to use a push stick to safely distance your hands.

I saw router bits for making Mission Style Doors. Do you have a similar set of cutters for the shaper?

Answer: As a matter-of-fact we do. Just like the router bit set, our Mission Style Doorshaper cutter set allows you to easily adjust the panel groove for a precise fit with today’s undersized plywood. And both the router bit set and the shaper cutter set make beautiful, classic Mission Style Doors.

Can you tell me which tools I’ll need for shaping an arch in a panel?

Answer: Amana has a number of shaper cutters for shaping raised panels such as tool no. SC658. When you select a panel profile choose the recommended rub collar for use with the cutter. The rub collar will follow the curved panel edge just like the guide bearing on a router bit. Remember to use a barrier guard to shield your hands.

I have an older model shaper and I’d like to purchase cutters for this machine. However, I’ve noticed that all of your shaper cutters are 3/4” bore or larger.

Answer: All of our 3/4" bore cutters come equipped with bushings for use with 1/2" spindle machines. However, please keep in mind that smaller machines typically have smaller motors and so it is a good idea to make several light passes.

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