Covid-19 Updates

We hope that you are all doing as well as can be during these trying times. We at Toolstoday are deeply concerned about the COVID-19 virus, and are monitoring the situation closely.

However, we wanted to reach out and let you know that we are:

  • Open for business.
  • Shipping same day all orders received by 4:50pm EST.
  • Taking every safety precaution possible according to the CDC.
  • Practicing social distancing at work place.
  • Sanitizing work areas, employees wearing face masks and gloves.
  • In order to reduce the possibility for exposure we moved some employees to work remotely from home.

At the same time, trying hard to not have any disruption to our customers.

Our heart goes out to anyone afflicted by the COVID-19 virus. We have huge gratitude to the healthcare workers, local communities, and government working hard to contain this virus.

We at Toolstoday assure you that we are taking this situation seriously, and are taking every precaution necessary.

Please be safe.
Team Toolstoday