Combination Saw Blades

Carbide Tipped Combination Saw Blades

  • Designed for ripping & crosscutting woods

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Specially configured teeth, and tooth angles allow you to use the same blade for ripping and crosscutting woods. If you are to buy just one saw blade, a combination saw blade should be the one to buy. Also known as an “All Purpose” saw blade.  Our Armormax™ combination saw blade with non-stick coating reduces friction, provides smooth cuts, prevent rust and improves overall blade life. The Amana Tool® combination saw blade effectively rips and crosscut hardwoods, softwoods as well as sheet goods such as plywood and particle board. stocks a huge selection of carbide tipped circular saw blades for all applications including, but not limited to softwood, hardwood, plywood veneer, solid surface materials, MDF, fiberboard, laminates, melamine, aluminum and other nonferrous metals, plastic, acrylic, lexan, and steel.  Our top of the line saw blades are manufactured by Amana Tool.

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades