SINCE 1988 Our products differ from domestic-made products. Starbond’s cutting edge formula has been manufactured in Japan for over 45 years.

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Starbond offers a longer-lasting shelf life. We guarantee 30 months shelf life for our standard clear CAs when kept under the recommended temperature of 40°F.

Starbond delivers true quality and performance. Frequent weekly shipments and optimal storage conditions ensure fresh glue to our customers. Freshness means better performance.

Starbond was founded in 1988 and has been supplying industrial grade cyanoacrylate adhesives (CA) for industries such as woodturning, dental lab, paleontology, lapidary, screen printing, and 3D rapid prototyping. As one of the most reliable suppliers of super glue, we believe in Total Quality Management. Starbond adhesives have been manufactured in Japan for over 45 years, and each new batch of CA goes through extensive testing to meet strict quality standards.

Starbond is devoted to deliver the ideal customer experience by combining optimal product performance, higher product value, and customer satisfaction.