SawStop Instructions

Please note the below Instructions for receiving your upcoming SawStop shipment!

one Please inspect your shipment carefully, upon receipt of your SawStop order. SawStop cannot repair or replace items if the receiver fails to note missing or damaged pieces on delivery receipt. 

Please make sure to contact us if there is damage or missing box(es) at delivery and delivery receipt was signed correctly. 

Shipping issue(s) must be reported within 1 week of delivery. DO NOT REACH OUT TO CARRIER DIRECTLY. 

Freight carriers typically deliver on a 53’ trailer and deliver only to a dock or end of a driveway. 

1.     Open the packing slip pouch and review the packing slip along with a copy of the SawStop specific BOL to confirm ALLboxes received. (The carrier's BOL may not itemize the pieces, so using SawStop’s BOL is the best way to confirm the receiving party has received all the boxes SawStop shipped.)

2.     Make notations regarding missing boxes/crates on delivery receipt & email a copy of the signed delivery receipt with missing items noted to your dealer to forward to SawStop. Even if driver notes they are marking and taking pictures, do not take their word for it. Make sure to note every issue on the delivery receipt before signing and take your own pictures. There should always be a paper copy of the delivery receipt.

3.     Refuse any significantly damaged box/crate that appears unusable, note on delivery receipt & email a copy of the signed delivery receipt with damage noted to your dealer to forward to SawStop.

a.     You are always welcome to refuse any single box or boxes and keep any portion of the shipment you wish. (Pictures are encouraged, email dealer to forward to SawStop. )

4.     Make notations regarding any ripped, torn or punctured boxes or crates on delivery receipt. (Pictures are encouraged, email dealer to forward to SawStop.)

5.     Always write “possible concealed damage, subject to inspection” on delivery receipt.

If a driver pushes back on signing “Possible concealed damage, subject to inspection,” look for any indication of damage and as always, note anything unusual – ripped boxes, straps missing, shrink wrap not intact, shifting on pallet, dented boxes etc.