Brass Pilot vs Amana Tool® Mini Ball Bearing

Brass Pilot vs Amana Tool® Mini Ball Bearing Demonstration Video

Rounding over the parts on the this project I started out using a brass pilot bit, from another brand, and experienced some burning along the edges using it. I switched out for the Amana Tool no. MR0112, 3/16" ball bearing mini roundover bit, available on our website, and got perfect burn free roundovers.
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Amana Tool® MR0112 Miniature 1/8 R Corner Rounding with 3/16 D Ball Bearing x 7/16 D x 3/8 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Carbide Tipped Router Bit 
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The unique Amana Tool mini ball bearing is tiny, still allowing you to get into tight spaces, and glides effortlessly over the work piece leaving behind perfectly clean cuts!

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