Rosette Cutters and Crop Circles

Rosette Cutters and Crop Circles

What do woodworking tools and a scientific topic such as crop circles possibly have in common? Rosette Cuttters, which are used in drill presses, produce beautiful circular patterns similar to those of crop and dust circles. And just like all crop circles are not created equal, neither are the Rosette Cutters sold by ToolsToday.

Manufactured by Amana Tool®, these cutters have replaceable/exchangeable carbide edged knives. Instead of spending money on the shaft and body of the cutter each time, you can buy the much more affordable carbide tipped cutters of different profiles and insert the style you want for a particular job. There are 15 different rosette profiles to choose from, as well as blank knives that you can have made to a specific custom design.

The Rosette Cutters are designed to be used in drill presses, lathes, mills or similar, running approximately 800 RPM. With the chuck (and MT2) secured in the tailstock of the lathe (with the rosette cutter), and the workpiece held in the lathe chuck, the workpiece was spun up to 1000 RPM, and the non-rotating tailstock wound in. The net result is the same effect as that from a drill press. In conclusion, the Rosette Cutter features tungsten carbide tipped blade edges, interchangeable knives, and solid body - it is a serious rosette cutter. You can get this particular rosette cutter here, knives here, and start making your own dust circles!

Originally posted on January 2nd, 2014 by Stu
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