Spoilboard - Natural Art

Spoilboard - Natural Art

CNC machines use MDF as a base material for their porosity, pulling vacuum directly through the MDF, therefore clamping the material to the MDF surface.  Spoilboard, another term for a sacrificial board, or base, does not matter if it gets cut into as it is designed to be used and eventually replaced. Spoilboard bits may be used for more than creating a flat surface in MDF.

This insert spoilboard, surfacing & rabbeting router bit #RC-2251 is also perfect for slabbing, and that is how I intend to use it.

This cutter is unique as it has two cutters positioned on the base (whereas other cutters I tested did not), creating a shearing action across the surface. The large 2.5″ diameter will work to flatten a large area quickly.

Once the slab of camphor laurel wood was secured, the bit handled substantial cuts. At one point the cuts were exceeding 5mm deep across the majority of the width of the bit. 

Once the slab was flat, a quick sand with the Festool belt sander, then onto the ROS with 80 grit paper and finally I rubbed some Danish oil over part of the surface.

Wow! Amazing finsish, too nice to become a table so I have decided it will become a piece of natural wall art.

Originally posted by Stu on May 15th, 2014.
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