Melamine & Laminate Cutting Saw Blades

Melamine & Laminate Cutting Saw Blades

Toolstoday.com stocks a huge selection of carbide tipped melamine cutting saw blades for smooth, clean cuts in both sides of the material. In addition we carry saw blades for all applications including, but not limited to softwood, hardwood, plywood veneer, solid surface materials, MDF, fiberboard, laminates, melamine, aluminum and other nonferrous metals, plastic, acrylic, lexan, and steel. Our top of the line saw blades are manufactured by Amana Tool®.

Amana's Special High-ATB Melamine Saw Blades (with 25 degree bevels) slices cleanly through fragile suface coatings like melamine and laminate. Coupled with a thick, heavy-duty plate for added stability, these blades produce extremely smooth cuts

Contractors, try the Thin Kerf Compound Miter Saw Blades to rip & crosscut wood and two-sided melamine. For an engineering breakthrough that emcompasses the same features as our regular melamine saw blade 'MB' & 'MSB' series, try the Ditec™ Melamine Saw Blades featuring long lasting Ditec™ carbide tips. Recommmended for anyone who cuts melamine on a regular basis.

Amana's Thin Kerf Melamine Saw Blades are specifically designed to cut melamine chip-free on both sides, provided that your table saw fence is square to the blade and the arbor is running true.

Amana's saw blades blades feature:

  • Extra-large European micrograin carbide tips for extended life
  • Laser-cut expansion slots to assure plate stability
  • Copper plugs to reduce turbulent noise and vibration
  • Large gullets for improved chip clearances
  • Triple layer brazing with silver to ensure perfect brazing
  • Laser-cut and hardened, high-strength steel plates remain flat and true
  • Different carbide grades for different materials
  • Large selection for all materials and applications
  • Carbide tips ground to perfection for the best possible performance

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