Join Us & Ask Matt

Join Us & Ask Matt

Woodworking Content Creator

My story is one that started out in a completely different place from where I am today, and I could not be happier about it!  After completing my bachelor’s degree in Web & Graphic Design, I took a job as a software developer, where I never used the creative side of my degree. While striving for a creative outlet I found woodworking and it quickly developed into a side business, selling the items I was making to build up my tool collection and produce things faster.  I started getting up at 2am to work in the shop before going to my day job at 8am and posting all of it on social media, where I had developed a nice following. I got my first CNC machine and things exploded.  I was finally using my graphic design degree to make awesome stuff out of wood with the help of the CNC, it was like a dream come true!

Along the way, I began talking to and collaborating with ToolsToday.  We got to be friends, talking about more than just workshop stuff.  I was not happy at my day job and aspired to do woodworking full time.  I am now working for ToolsToday in a dedicated 3,000 sq ft workshop/studio full time to film, edit and produce high quality content centered around the items we sell on our website and teaching our audience as much as I can along the way using social media. While this is something I never imagined myself doing when I graduated college, I love what I am doing and the company I am working for!

ToolsToday is raising the bar for industry social media content!

With a 3,000 sq. ft. studio/workshop full of machinery and Matt posting videos daily, there is no one else as dedicated to producing top-quality content to educate and teach our audience about the CNC and woodworking industries. 

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