Nova Insert Knive System Router Bits

Industrial Quality

Nova System™ Router Bits with Replaceable KnivesThe Nova System™ gives you a wide range of profiling options in a single router bit. The replaceable carbide tips are durable, versatile and cost effective. This router bit system has been developed that puts the power of greater precision, better performance and higher versatility into your hands.

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The Nova System™ features:

  1. A router bit with a ball bearing guide, designed for use with portable routers.
  2. A router bit without a ball bearing for surface work or profiling that can be used with portable or CNC machinery.
  3. Replaceable carbide blades in a wide range of popular profiles.

The innovation is in the bit.

Easily replaceable hard carbide blades give you a whole range of profile options in a single bit, including other vital advantages:


Replaceable carbide blades are harder, stronger, longer lasting and offer better performance with abrasive materials.


One tool gives you a wide range of surface, edge, and profiling options. It can be used with portable or industrial CNC machinery.

Nova System™ Router Bit Safety

The Nova System™ router bits are designed for chip limitation with additional protective shield. Design conforms to the strict ‘Holz BG’ regulations.


This router bit system does not require re-sharpening which equates to less down-time, higher production & increased profile consistency.


Longer lasting blades, better performance, and eliminating the expense of replacing the whole tool when the blade is dull, means significant savings.

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