Aluminum Cutting Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

We carry non-ferrous carbide tipped saw blades for cutting aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and lead.

The Amana Tool® Non-Ferrous Metal blade is available in two configurations: one for cutting thick-walled aluminum and the other designed specifically for thin-walled aluminum bars and extrusions. These special aluminum cutting saw blades are designed with a 6 degree negative hook angle and a thick plate and when used with a coolant or wax they produce an incredibly smooth finish.

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For the budget-minded Amana offers it’s A.G.E. Series of Non-Ferrous thick-walled and thin-walled material saw blades. With their thick plates and negative hook angle you’ll get superior results at an affordable price. Contractors will appreciate the quality and price of the thin-kerf Non-Ferrous Mamba and Timberline saw blades.

Under certain conditions, these Non-Ferrous saw blades can also be used to cut other difficult materials, such as Plastic, PVC, and Fiberglass®

  • Thin walled material is under ¼"
  • Thick walled material is ¼" and over

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.

Never attempt to cut Ferrous Metals (Steel, Iron, ect) with these saw blades.

Please choose your saw blade carefully.