Signmaking & Lettering Bits, V Groove Miter Fold & Miniature Router Bits

Signmaking & Lettering Bits, V Groove Miter Fold & Miniature Router Bits

As technology advances we are seeing more and more online shopping. Perhaps you have bought from Toolstoday.com and know how much time and money you can save without compromising on quality. As we all know, there is a limit as to what one would purchase online. Therefore, the age of brick and mortar shops will always continue to thrive. From the local barber shop and hardware store to the beauty salon, the once thing they all have in common are their signs, a means to bring in foot traffic from those who may have not known that they existed. Sign making in and of itself can be a specialized craft done by woodworkers.

Originally developed in Europe, specifically for professional sign makers, signcrafter router bits have made their way to small woodworking shops throughout the world. Nowadays, they are also much more affordable and accessible.

Signcrafter bits work with a CNC router, not by themselves. Therefore, a CNC router has become the tool of choice for sign makers, moving beyond printers and vinyl cutters. These tools, linked to sign design software, have become the central component of many shops, both small and large. Affordable CNC machines have made their ways into our small shops allowing us to create what was, in the past, done by larger and more equipped shops.

Using a CNC with signmaking router bits allows cutting and machining of practically anything, allowing you to offer your clients a more unique look which is not possible with conventional methods.

The following are examples of different signs which were made using signmaking bits.

Like all bits, whether a round over bit, straight bit or dovetail bit, it is important to use a bit which will be able to withstand high temperatures and keep its sharp edge. When speaking of signmaking bits, this standard is no different. The best types of signmaking bits are carbide-tipped, solid carbide or solid carbide insert. Signmaking router bits are ideal for cutting acrylics, plastics, carbon fiber, chipboard, laminated and composite materials, dibond®, MDF, PCB boards, solid surface, wood and veneers. The In-Groove™ V-Tip inserts can also engrave aluminum, brass and copper.