Aluminum-Cutting Solid Carbide Spiral ‘O’ Flute Router Bits

Excellent for Creating Aluminum Signs on CNC Machines

For many centuries, sign makers have been creating signs by cutting wood with handmade tools such as scroll saws and band saws as a way to identify a business, village or town. Today this practice still continues but there is a more efficient and practical way to create signs: CNC Sign Making Router Bits.

Sign making router bits are tools used for cutting materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, chipboard, laminates, MDF, plastics, solid surfaces, wood and veneers. Of these types of materials, only one stands out as a true leader in cost and durability when it comes to sign making: Aluminum.

Aluminum signs have the advantage over wood and other materials because they are durable (it will not rust) and are considered rigid as well as flexible. Aluminum signs will hold up as long as, if not longer than, any other sign material. The installation of aluminum signs generally tends to be easier than other materials because of its thin, lightweight elements.

How To CNC Route Aluminum Signs
The routing and engraving of aluminum signs is appropriately performed on a Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) machine that is guided or operated by abstract commands programmed onto a computer. When routing aluminum, there is a specific type of router bit that should be used: Aluminum-cutting CNC ‘O’ flute router bits.

Amana Tool®’s Aluminum-cutting CNC router bits are available in diameters as small as 1/8” allowing you to make intricate and detailed cuts in your aluminum signs. Amana’s aluminum-cutting CNC router bits eject the chips up or down, preventing clogging and loading up while the mirror-finish provides a long-lasting, smooth and clean finish.

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