Spoilboard CNC: I Like Big Bits and I Cannot Lie

Spoilboard CNC: I Like Big Bits and I Cannot Lie

Amana Tool®'s insert spoilboard surfacing, rabbeting, flycutter and bed skimming cnc router bit is a hefty piece of tooling. It looks a bit intimidating and feels very heavy and solid when holding it in your hand. It has four solid carbide carbide inserts with a unique 2+2 design (2 to flatten and 2 used as scoring cutters) meant to carve a smoother surface than traditional two cutter styles. All of this is mounted on a 1/2 inch shaft. This thing is huge, a monster.

The cut quality is impressive. The surface is perfectly smooth.

The best part about this solid carbide insert knive design is that each of the four square inserts can be rotated after you dull your edges. This means you get a fresh cutter four times before you have to think about replacing your edges.

I love that, this thing is great.

Originally posted by Tinker and Futz on February 21st, 2014
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