Amana Tool’s Industrial Replacement Carbide Shaper Cutters replacement knives

Amana carbide tipped shaper cutters feature thick micro grain carbide tips, which are precision ground using 600 grit diamond grinding wheels. Resulting in razor sharp edges which create super smooth, clean chip-free cuts in all woods, composite wood materials and plywood.

Cutters are high speed balanced and feature a special non-stick coating, preventing rust and resin buildup. The anti-kickback safety design eliminates over-feeding. Additionally, the cutters are brazed using the finest silver brazing materials providing you with the most durable shaper cutters possible.

Replacement carbide shaper cutters are available in either steel or aluminum cutter bodies. All insert shaper cutters are produced in a state of the art facility and are designed with two things in mind: Quality and Safety. All shaper cutters conform to the European requirements of EN 847-1.

Aluminum bodies are manufactured from aviation grade hard wearing aluminum. Steel shaper cutter bodies are manufactured from High alloy steel with a high tensile strength. The insert cutters are high speed balanced.

Replacement carbide shaper cutters feature replaceable tungsten insert carbide knives with multiple cutting edges – up to 4 cutting edges for each knife, making them a very economical solution, saving users money during the life of the tool as knives are rotated (in some cases ) or replaced, rather than the entire tool.

Many of the cutters feature adjustable cutting widths and cutting angles.

Replaceable knives are made of a harder sub-micro grade carbide than those used on standard brazed shaper cutters.  This higher grade of carbide significantly increases the life of the shaper cutter and makes the cutters ideal for use in harder types of materials such as MDF and chipboard.  By replacing or turning the worn knives instead of sharpening standard carbide tips, shaper cutter. dimensions, cutting quality and accuracy remain constant during the life of the tool.

Replacement carbide shaper cutters are available for many applications, such as grooving, rabbeting, profiling, joinery, door making, raised panel and much more.  Replacement carbide cutters are suitable for soft and hard wood, composite materials and plywood and the razor sharp cutting edges create super smooth clean ship free cuts.

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