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Top 5 Essential CNC Router Bits for Wood

Top 5 Essential CNC Router Bits for Wood

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There are many different types of CNC Bits used to cut wood, but Toolstoday’s Matt Plumlee is going to break it down to the 5 most essential bits or bit sets you need for your CNC machine.

1. 46202-K – No matter the size of your machine a 1/4″ down cut bit like this one will likely be one of your most used bits.  The down cutting action of this bit means that it will leave a clean, chip and tear out free top surface making it perfect for through cuts or pocketing out material.  The size of the bit works well for nesting items as well since it’s not removing as much material as larger bits would.  This bit is definitely a must have!

2. RC-1142 and RC-1102 – These are both the Insert Carbide 90° v-groove bit, the RC-1142 has a 1/4″ shank while the RC-1102 has a 1/2″ shank, other than that they are the same.  This bit is truly amazing, it can handle small and large details without plunging too deep into your material.  This is definitely my go to bit when doing any sort of V-Carving.

3. Flattening Bit – If you have a machine that will only take up to 1/4″ Shank bits the RC-2265 is the bit for you, if you have a machine that can take a 1/2″ shank the RC-2255 is the one you want!  Whether you’re just flattening your wasteboard or flattening a slab, these bits will always give you super clean results.  With the 3 wing replaceable carbide insert design, they will last you a very long time; each insert can be rotated to get 4 new cutting edges out of a single insert!

4. AMS-119 – This 3-Pc set includes the 46202-K 1/4″ down cut, 46200-K 1/8″ down cut and a long lasting RC-1148 60° Insert Carbide v-groove bit.  This is a set that I put together to be a cost effective way to get 3 bits that will allow you to make 85% of the things you’ll want to make when first getting into CNC work.  The 1/4″ bit handles any large pocketing or profile cutting, the 1/8″ bit handles detail pocketing or more detailed profile work, while the 60° v-groove bit handles any v-carving you may want to do.  This is definitely the cost effective set you want to start with when just getting into the CNC world!

5. AMS-177-K – This 8-Pc set includes 45704 90° v-groove, 45705 60° v-groove, 56125 1/8″ radius point roundover, 46376-K 1/4″ diameter ball nose, 46282-K 1/16″ diameter tapered ball nose, 46102-K 1/4″ up cut, 46202-K 1/4″ down cut and 46200-K 1/8″ down cut bit.  This set brings a lot of value for someone just getting into CNC work and will cover many of the projects you will want to make.  This set will cover you from doing some simple profile cuts, detailed pockets, v-carving signs all the way up to doing 3-D designs.  It’s definitely a great well rounded set and one you would really enjoy!

In conclusion, we hope that this has helped you decide which wood cutting bits are most important to buy when getting started with a CNC.  We are confident that you will see great results with all bits listed here, just read the reviews on them, you won’t be disappointed!

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