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Top 5 Table Saw Blades for Woodworking

Top 5 Table Saw Blades for Woodworking

Matt Plumlee
4 minute read

These 5 table saw blades are some of the best to have in a woodworking shop! 

All of the blades listed here are intended for table saws that take a 10″ blade with a 5/8″ arbor. We do offer other diameter blades and bore sizes, but since this is the most common, that’s what we will be talking about.

The PR1040C is the best general purpose saw blade I have ever used.  Whether you’re ripping or crosscutting softwood, hardwood, or plywood this blade is sure to give you a nice, clean cut every time!  The 40 teeth are ground with a steep 20° bevel angle, alternating left and right, allowing for those crisp, clean rip and cross cuts, while the 18° hook angle makes feeding into the blade effortless.  The Electro-Blu coating is a non-stick coating that reduces pitch and heat buildup, extending the life of the blade. The large carbide teeth will allow you to resharpen this blade many many times!  This blade is sure to be the one that stays in your saw most of the time!

Using melamine or some sort of other laminate material is fairly common and isn’t easy to get a clean chip free cut on.  Enter in the MB10800C 80 tooth Double-Face melamine cutting blade - it was made for this!  It was specifically designed to cut melamine chip-free on both sides the special High-ATB (alternate top bevel) grind (with 25 degree bevels) slices cleanly through fragile surface coatings like melamine and other laminate materials. Coupled with a thick, heavy-duty blade plate for added stability, this blade produces extremely smooth cuts in a difficult material to do so.  For working with this type of material, there isn’t another blade I would recommend more!

When doing a lot of veneer cutting or cross cutting in softwood, hardwood, and plywood changing out the blade to one designed for it is ideal.  I haven’t found a better cross cutting blade than the 610800C 80t fine trim blade.  The ATB grind and high tooth count leaves a super smooth finish making it the perfect blade for cutting across the grain of wood to produce chip free cuts.  The 10 degree hook angle makes feeding the wood into the blade effortless. When doing lots of cross cutting, this is the blade you want to use!

20 tooth ripping blade

If you’re making a lot of rip cuts, cutting with the grain, switching out to a ripping blade is the best thing to do.  The RB1020C 20 tooth flat top grid blade excels at ripping softwood and hardwood alike.  The flat top grind and the high positive 18° hook angle reduce feed effort allowing the blade to cut exceptionally fast and smooth.  The flat top grid of this blade also makes it a great blade to use when small dados are needed as it leaves a perfectly clean and flat bottom of the cut. The Electro-Blu coating is a non-stick coating that reduces pitch and heat buildup extending the life of the blade. If you’re doing a lot of rip cuts, switching out to a dedicated ripping blade is the best way to go and the RB1020C is a fantastic blade for rip cuts!

A dado set is an extremely versatile tool for cutting joinery on the table saw and the 658060C 8″ diameter 24 tooth dado set is ever adjustable and perfect for the job!  Whether you’re cutting dados, grooves or mortise and tenon joints this dado set will work for you as it’s able to adjust from 1/4″ wide to over 29/32″ using the included 2-24 tooth outside blades and the 6-4 tooth chipper blades.  Using the included shims you’re able to easily adjust the width of the cut in 1/32″ increments and can even make finer adjustments as small as .002″ to dial in the perfect fit.  If you’re looking for a high quality dado set, this is the perfect addition to your shop!

In conclusion, we hope that this guide has helped you find saw blades that will help fill specific needs in your workshop.  We hope this will improve the outcome of your projects going forward so you can get perfectly clean cuts every time!

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