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What is an Ogee Router Bit?

What is an Ogee Router Bit?

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Simply put, an ogee router bit creates an "S" curve, with a concave curve flowing into convex curve. You see ogee shapes everywhere, from the feet of fine furniture to edges of tables and counters, to ornate architectural molding, to cabinetry - especially in raised-panel doors.



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Ogee is pronounced like in "Oh, gee willikers!"

2 Main Types of Curves

There are two basic shapes:


On the left is a classic ogee, with the concave (think, "cave") portion of the finished material at the top, and the convex part on the bottom. 

On the right is a Roman ogee, also known as a "reverse ogee."

Sounds straightforward, but it can be confusing when talking about router bits because the bit itself is the reverse of the finished material. The ogee router bit is characterized by the concave shape of the bit coming off the pilot bearing. The concave part of the bit creates the convex part of the finished material. Like with this classic ogee bit: 

classic ogee router bit

In actual practice, it's really not confusing at all. Just check the profiles of the bits you're considering and you'll be fine. 

Variations in Ogee Router Bits

From those 2 main shapes, there's an infinite variety of profiles you can create. There are variations in: 

  • Radius of each part of the curve. (That's the "R" and "R1" in the image above. Is it shallow or deep?)
  • Length of each part of the curve. (Is it long or short? How long?? That's the "B" in the image above.)
  • Number of curves. (Why stop at just one concave and one convex? Make some waves!)
  • Additional elements. (A little fillet at the top? A little bead at the bottom? A little step in between?)
  • We also have plunge ogees, with a double-sided profile, to easily create simulated raised panel doors.
  • And of course, ogees even come in miniature form.

From simple base molding to intricate crown molding and everything in between, ToolsToday has got you covered. 

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