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Should I Buy a Router Bit Set? Cost-Effective or Waste?

Should I Buy a Router Bit Set? Cost-Effective or Waste?

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Buying a router bit set can be a big money saver, if you get the right set. 

If you buy a set with a bunch of bits you rarely use, you'll be throwing money out the window.

The trick is to get a smaller set with bits you'll use time and again, and then supplement the set over time, adding bits tailored to your own specific needs. 

We sell many different sets, for different purposes. Scroll down for our top picks:

  1. Beginning CNC
  2. Essential Woodworking [Non-CNC]
  3. CNC Signmaking & Lettering
  4. Cabinet Door Making
  5. 2D & 3D CNC Carving
  6. Specialty Sets: Miniature, Dovetail, Core Box, etc. 

best cnc router bit set for beginners

1. CNC Router Bit Set for Beginners

AMS-119 Matt's 3-Pc CNC Starter Pack – This 3-Pc set includes the 46202-K 1/4″ down cut, 46200-K 1/8″ down cut and a long lasting RC-1148 60° Insert Carbide v-groove bit.  This is a set that Matt put together to be a cost effective way to get 3 bits that will allow you to make 85% of the things you’ll want to make when first getting into CNC work.  The 1/4″ bit handles any large pocketing or profile cutting, the 1/8″ bit handles detail pocketing or more detailed profile work, while the 60° v-groove bit handles any v-carving you may want to do.  This is definitely the cost effective set you want to start with when just getting into the CNC world.

Must Have Router Bit Collection [Not CNC]

2. Must Have Router Bit Collection [Not CNC]

AMS-410 10-Pc Woodworkers Must Have Router Bit Set - Pictured above, from left to right, this set includes: 

  • Slotting Cutter System, with 3 Wing Cutter & 3 Ball Bearing Guides (to adjust depth)
  • 1/4" Diameter Straight Plunge High Production Bit
  • 3/8" Diameter Spiral Plunge Bit / Upcut
  • 1/2" Diameter Straight Plunge Bit
  • 1/2" Diameter  Flush Trim Bit
  • 1/2" Deep Rabbeting Bit
  • 10 Degree Dovetail Bit
  • 45 Degree Chamfer Bit
  • 1/4" Radius Corner Round Bit
  • 3/8" Radius Cove Bit

v-groove router bit set

3. CNC Signmaking and Lettering V-Groove Router Bit Set

AMS-312-K 4-Pc CNC Spektra 15, 30, 60 and 90 Degree Signmaking & Lettering Pack - Essential for carving in wood, acrylic, plastic, foam, laminate... virtually anything you make signs from.

stile and rail door making set

4. Cabinet Door Making Set

TRS-130 3-PC Tongue & Groove Cabinet Door Making Router Bit Set - Use this set to make stile and rail doors from 1/2" to 1" wood or MDF. 

Full disclosure: This was a tough set to choose, since there are so many styles of cabinet doors. We have sets  to carve raised panels with cove profiles, ogee, for glass panel doors... so many cabinet doormaking sets. In the end, we went with this set because, well, you can't go wrong with a flush trim bit. 

If you don't even want the flush trim bit, you just want to make stiles & rails, and you'll get your panel profiles separately, go with one of our Instile & Rail Adjustable Router Bit Sets.

ZrN coated cnc ball nose carving bits

5. 2D and 3D CNC Carving

AMS-142 3-Pc CNC 2D and 3D Carving Ball Nose ZrN Coated Solid Carbide Set - These industrial router bits can be used in sign making & 3D carving in MDF, plastics, bronze, copper, aluminum, foam, wood and other materials. The ZrN coating provides high resistance to wear, sharper cutting edges, extended tool life and less friction & heat buildup, while the outstanding geometry allows you to achieve single pass deep-reach cutting with reduced stepping, and smooth 2D and 3D contours.

The AMS-142 includes: 

  • 5.4 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Nose 4 Flute Upcut Router Bit
  • 1 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Nose 3 Flute Upcut Router Bit
  • 0.10 Deg Straight Angle Ball Nose 2 Flute Upcut Router Bit

Seriously, they are amazing. If you do a lot of carving, you'll probably end up collecting everything in the AMS-143. But if you're just getting started with 3D carving, stick with the basics in the 142. 

18 piece 3D carving router bit set

miniature router bit set

6. Specialty Router Bit Sets

Sometimes, you just find yourself doing the same sort of task over and over again. Whether you're making dovetail joints in various sizes, or working exclusively on toys & dollhouse furniture or jewelry, if you need a selection of different types of miniature bits, we've got you covered. 

And many more. Again, check out all our router bit sets to get a sense of the possibilities!

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