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Countersink Router Bits - A Workshop Essential

Countersink Router Bits - A Workshop Essential

Matt Plumlee
3 minute read

A Countersink to Rule Them All

No matter the project, Toolstoday has you covered with the different types of Amana Tool’s countersink bits!

tyson countersink router bit

ToolsToday’s Matt Plumlee will take a close look at the No-Mar Countersink bit and also talk about some of the other countersinks we offer!

A countersink bit is a great addition to any workshop and can be used for anything from construction projects to fine furniture.  A countersink bit is generally used to drill a screw hole and a pocket for the screw head at the same time, this allows the screw head to sit flush or below the surface of the wood.

First up, I’d like to talk about my personal favorite the Amana Tool’s #55227 adjustable depth No-Mar Countersink, this is the go to bit in my workshop.  The adjustable depth stop allows you to countersink to the exact same depth for every hole.  The No-Thrust ball bearing stop doesn’t mar or burn the surface of the material, while the replaceable carbide tipped bit leaves you with a beautifully clean countersink with no cleanup required.  The time savings alone from not having to clean up the tear-out left by many other types of countersinks make the #55227 a must have!

countersink bit depth

Move the depth stop a little deeper and this bit can also create a pocket to insert a plug into hiding the head of the screw.  Using the #607-310 tapered plug cutter you can cut plugs to perfectly fill the hole left behind by the countersink and you will never know a screw was there! If you are filling many holes with plugs like this, I would also suggest you check out the #PLP-100 Carbide Tipped Non-Marring Plug Planer to help quickly trim the plugs flush and clean with the surface of the wood.

countersink bit options

Click here for our complete line of countersink bits. 

There are several different sizes of the No-Mar Countersink available with different sized drill bits and countersinks depending on the size screws you are using.  If you’re wanting an economy option with similar no scratching or burning results, be sure to look into the Low Friction Adjustable Depth Stop Countersink.

No matter the job we have the perfect countersink for you!

In addition to the no mar line, we do offer many stand alone countersink options in many different sizes with hex shank, round shank, shank-less, tapered point and counterbore bits.  A counterbore is similar to a countersink bit, but it creates a flat bottom instead of tapered sides for round head screws.

In conclusion, we hope this has provided you with information about the No-Mar countersink as well as some of the other countersink options we offer.  We encourage everyone to take a look at the carbide tipped countersink lineup, read the reviews and give one of them a try; you won’t be disappointed.

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