Woodworking Articles for Everyone

Woodworking Articles for Everyone

Router Bit Types

  • Flush Trim Router Bits
    • Basic steps for starting a woodworking project, and creating circular shapes using flush trim router bits and templates

CNC Bit Types

CNC Uses

Drill Bits

  • The Brad Point Boring Bit
    • The uniqueness of this bit is the sharp pin at the tip of the bit which bits into the wood to ensure a straight and even hole.

Saw Blades

Shaper / Cutters

  • Router Bits vs. Shaper Cutters
    • Shaper and routers have similar functions as well as many different capabilities. Determine which one best suits your needs.

Hand Tools

Other Tools

  • Understanding the Jointer
    • Break down Jointer's complexities and illustrate that it's simple to accurately set jointer knives

Materials & More

  • Creating a Laminated Counter Top
    • With basic skills and a few tools, creating a laminated counter top is something which can be done in just a few hours & can last a life time